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We Are Curating Performance

Shared Expirience

We Are Collective curates monthly performances through Shared Experiences with our Artists in Residency. Our residents are not limited to what they want to create and share. All performances are accepted from existing films and hybrid performances to new works designed to broaden the concepts of dance performance. You do not have to create a new project, this is your experience to share who you are as an artist. Feel free to create, explore, adapt, and share as you please!

We Are Developing Pedagogy


This is your chance as an artist to share your core beliefs with an ever-expanding audience through We Are Practice. Like many other things at the collective, it is up to you how this event looks. Teach a class live, hybrid, or pre-recorded at a viewer's leisure; share your passion with the community as they share their passion of learning with you.

Dance Class

We Are Supporting Community


We Are Collective is founded on community. We exist only because of the strong communities that reside around us, supporting us, & growing with us. Share with our community something or someone special to you. View this as an "anything goes" highlight, within certain reason of course. 

We Are Expanding Knowledge


While this portion of the residency is optional, We Are Collective does believe in creating a community library of dance studies, writings, reviews, etc. The criteria for this portion is simply "Dance in Text". 

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Residency: Meet the Team

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