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Robyn Wilson

They / Them / He / Him

Beneath eyes of overwhelming wonder,

I suggest we notice.

Step off the line,

Forget where they are,

Lose the path,

Forget the path.

Raise your arms above your chest,

But the Heads droop below,

Illuminated by silver screens,

Leaving behind the ideas of yesterday,

What could be today?

What couldn’t?

And I reach my hands to the sky.

Robyn Wilson (They/Them/He/Him) is a dance, visual, and performance artist who received their BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2020. They have performed works by Paige Cunningham, Keyierra Collins, J’Sun Howard, Shannon Greyson, Elana Jacobs, and Pam McNeil, and was an apprentice performer with Ayodele Drum and Dance in 2018. They have trained in an array of styles from House and Footworking to Cunningham, Graham, and release technique with world renowned teachers such as Darrell Jones, Kelsa “K-Soul” Robinson, and Carrie Hanson. He also has done dramaturgy work for Kierah "Kiki" King in her recent residency at Links Hall. They were selected as a representative of Columbia College Chicago abroad with the college’s partnership with Le Centre De Nationale De Danse in Paris; they participated in Camping 2019 as an opening to the Between Gestures Festival in Chicago where they trained with François Chaignaud and Bryan Campbell. Robyn is beyond thrilled that he is getting the opportunity to work with We Are!

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