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The Wolfpack

Using organic and primal imagery such as being reborn in the river, opening the throat chakra by howling at the moon, and having the autonomy to showcase each artist’s individual voice in an accumulating class—The Wolfpack is a home for dancers of any style to come and be heard.

It is essential to the heart of The Wolfpack to celebrate individuals who go against the grain in pursuit of sharing their own stories and concepts that support the pack of like-minded individuals.

Regardless of the voice leading the pack, our agreements are as follows:

🐺We are an improvisation collective

🐺We investigate freedom, confidence, and healing through movement

🐺We are guided by nature and the healing properties found within channeling these archetypes

🐺We obnoxiously celebrate each participant

JOIN US in the FREE class offered to our community and beyond!

The Wolfpack: Mission
The Wolfpack: Pro Gallery
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